1 1/2 Story with basement or 1 story with basement?

8 years ago

We just got a large amount of acres to build our home. It is about a minute from a small community and we will be adding a lot of trees by the road in the spring to block off the view of the home from the road. The lot slopes down from the road, and we are in Nebraska where basements are very much the norm. We have three kiddos (no plans for more!) who are currently 3,6,7 with the boy in the middle.
We are likely 3 years from breaking ground, and will do some of the work ourselves and either find a general contractor for the the exterior or the home, or general contract that ourselves. My husband and I are both very skilled with construction, but need the house built this century, so need to be realistic about what we can/can not/want to/don't want I do! I would love to build my own kitchen cabinets (secret little dream) and I will not hire anyone to do my painting/staining. I also see myself doubt the moulding/trim work type stuff on the interior of the home. I have control issues and want to look back and say "I did that".
Originally I was planning what I would call a 1 1/2 story plus nearly full basement. The ground we found has a considerable slope, and my husband would do most the preliminary excavation work himself (he has the equipment for a lot of things!). I would think that we would end up having rather high ceilings in the basement because the slope lends itself so well to this. A master on the main is a necessity. We are younger now, but my next move will be to a retirement home! I envisioned having my two girls bedrooms upstairs with a bonus type common area just for the girls. I don't see my son staying up there. He likes his own space and would do much better with a very nice basement bedroom. Our basement would be walkout for sure, so I don't see any real safety issues planning the boys room in the basement. We will also have trail cameras set up around the property (for wildlife) so we would know I we have kiddos sneaking out(they would have a long walk to town though).
I am thinking the main floor would be around 1800 square feet, and ofuring a budget of 300,000. I wonder if I would save a considerable amount to do a one story with full basement and have all the kids rooms down there. I like the exterior look of a home with the vaulted rooflines, rather than the flatter ranch style roofs, and not really sure it wouldn't cost that much more to jut put the bedrooms in the rooflines? It seems like by the time the house is done, my kids will be close to leaving home. Then what will I do with the upstairs rooms? A basement on the other hand can be gutted and reworked. I know I need to about have two floorplans that I love and get quotes on both of those, but it will take some time finding the right floorplan to even start estimating. It would be nice having a good direction first!
Appreciate all your advise!

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