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Lacanche vs. Wolf AG Range - 'Hotness' & Other Considerations

11 years ago

When I first became TKO (thanks to this and the Kitchens Forum), I ogled over the Lacanche ranges. I picked one out, serendipitously saw one. I loved it (as much as you can love something material, LOL!) And then I saw one working in person. The outside doors seemed really "hot" to me to the touch, a concern because I have three kids under three. I also heard folks say that they liked its electric oven over the gas -- they thought it performed better.

So then I selected the Wolf AG range instead. Does the Wolf AG door get hot? If yes, do you think it gets as hot as the Lacanche?

Now I need to order my range. I'm waffling between the two.

From what I gather, both Lacanche and Wolf have excellent customer service. I could get a built-in griddle on the Wolf, a plus. The Lacanche provides more BTUs. OK, and let's be fair, the Lacanche is fabulous looking. But is the Lacanche's gas oven good? (I will have one separate electric wall oven, that's why I want a gas oven in my range.)

Though the beauty of the Lacanche is nice, I need to go with function over form here.

Please, please sway me in a certain direction :-) I am decision fatigued....

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