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walk out basement VS non-walk out type

15 years ago

I didn't cross post because I didn't want to bump another's I just posted here. I spent all last night reading thru the forum about basements and I am trying to figure if there is a considerable savings in doing a regular basement instead of a walk out basement. I have not been able to really pull any info up so I am sorry in advance if this has been discussed previously. Do any of you have a regular basement and if you do, do you regret not having a walk out type? Also, is the price any different? We do have a sloped lot - to what degree I don't know as of yet. I do not like the look when the back of the home looks 2 story (I know - dumb reason ;) ). Also, hubby is not opposed to as he calls it, an old fashioned type of basement. Do any of you have any pros or cons - except the obvious one, which is resale? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks my Friends!!! --Colleennc

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