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Tinting Bathroom window

8 years ago

We have refinished our ground floor powder room and installed a new casement window. It is an old house and the window is large. Although it cannot be seen from the street, the next door neighbours see it. I don't want to put a film on the brand new window, or cover it up with a curtain. I was wondering if anyone has ever put tinted glass in a window, so that we could see out and no one could see in. Would that look strange from the outside when it is the only window like that? At night time I would have a roman blind that could be pulled down. I have also thought of California shutters, but then again I would be covering up our beautiful, new window. It is a marvin window which manufactures pull down/pull up shades. I am wondering if that might work too, although I feel it is too modern looking for our house. Thoughts and suggestions?

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