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Quote out of line?

13 years ago

I am in NW CT. We are normally DIYers but hubby is crazy busy in a project at work right now and cannot commit to redoing our kids bath. We have a quote from a friend who does mainly bath and kitchen renos that I think it way too high.

For some background, I will do the demo work which I've done before with my kids. We have tile, ditra, vanity, fixtures and toilet already. The bathroom is 5 x 7 with a tub/shower combo off to the side in an alcove. We have 6 x 6 porcelain tiles that I want set on a diagonal on the floor with 2 x 2 squares intermixed. Same 6 x 6 tiles I want installed offset in a brickwork pattern to the ceiling in the alcove which is 32 x 60 x 84. I have 1/2 x 12 pencil liner that will outline 2 rows of 2 x 2 on top and bottom for a border design. I want a 30 x 12 niche for my 3 kids shower supplies.

Here's my quotes which I had him breakdown for me:

$1130.00 for the alcove which includes new hardibacker, the niche, waterproofing the niche with what looks like a product called maplastic, install studs to receive slider doors, tile, grout and caulk. My issues here are 1)I think it's exorbitant, 2) I did say I would Kerdi myself, 3) we have shower doors so studs should already be in place, 4) I said I would grout myself but wanted Schulter products for the corners and where the tub meets tile so no caulk is involved.

$680.00 for the tile floor which includes screwing down plywood floor, applying thinset for ditra, applying ditra, install tile to floor. My issues here 1) I already have the Ditra supplies in my basement so 650.00 seems like a huge expense when I've already tiled a similar space in a more elaborate pattern in my powder room, 2) I said I would lay the Ditra since I am familiar with it, 3) I will uninstall and reinstall the toilet - in the powder room my 8 year old assisted me so I know I can do this easily.

80.00 install vanity. Issue? holy cow my 12 year old and I did the vanity in our powder room and even cut holes in the back to accept the plumbing; it was not rocket science or hard physical labor. This vanity is furniture style as well so this means unpacking it from it's box and carrying it up to the bathroom, setting in place. The counter will be measured, cut and installed by a local company.

100.00 plumbing for the vanity/sink. Issue? The countertop will be a granite remnant and that installer puts in the sink as part of the install. The faucet installation I can do myself having done a few so far.

50.00 to hang the medicine cabinet. This could be worth it as it is a 3 piece medicine cabinet and I read the installation can take 2 - 3 hours.

60.00 install glass tracking enclosure. I don't get this. Isn't this part of the shower door assembly? I have to ask on this one.

If we replace the tub, he wants an additional 300 - 400 and we'd have to supply the plumbing. At this point, I don't think we will be replacing the tub. It's a 24 yr old cast iron without chips in decent condition; unless something happens to it during demo, it should be fine to keep. My only desire for replacing it is to have a deeper base to overflow depth and I don't think that is reason enough to replace it.

This quote runs 3K and does not include plumbing for the new bath fixtures. I think it's too high, but want opinions. Drives me nuts that I can do this with my kids for nothing but I have never cut tile; that is hubby's job and he can't be around to do it.

Thanks for opinions!


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