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Miele dishwasher owners, please share pics of your loaded dw?

9 years ago

Hi, all!

While the many much-loved features of Miele dishwasher have been discussed in posts on here, we just recently talked in another thread about how useful it would be to see how folks actually LOAD their dishwasher. Those of us who just got ours recently would love to learn from those who've enjoyed one for years - and vice versa.

I started by posting mine in another forum - and hopefully will kick it off again:

***Hi, I'm Alexa. I have a Miele Futura Dimension Plus that we put in our renovated kitchen this April.

Here are pics of our loaded Miele FDP, just opened after the auto-dry feature. They are fairly embarrassing in that they show total chaos in the dw, but I'm not going to pretend that it's any more organized on any other load.

I posted them to show how amazing it is that plastics are DRY in our Miele, with evidence of how much plastic, tupperware and Tervis Tumblers there are in our loads (with two daughters who have to take a trash-free lunch everyday!!)

And, our flatware has mother-of-pearl handles, so it doesn't exactly fit neatly in the top rack, but I love it all the same. Couldn't live without that utensil basket!

(We've been loading side to side as a habit from our old dw, but I read someone else goes back to front, so maybe we should try something different?)***

So, PLEASE share pics of your loaded Miele dishwashers - how do you load it?
- Any tricks you use to maximize your storage
- Or placement for optimum clean?
- Anything you'd NEVER try again?

Thanks in advance from the newbies!


P.S. Also, if someone could show me how they "break" a Method Smarty in half, I'd love to see that - do you cut it with a knife and then it stays intact? I bought some but they look harder to cut than a Miele tab would be?

Here's our Futura Dimension Plus
(stainless, fully integrated panel)

And here it is after I just opened it after the auto-dry cycle:

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