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Enclosing front porch

10 years ago

WE have a South West facing front porch. Oh so hot in the summer. It is on full foundation.It is basically a deck with railings. Totally open except for the railings. I think the floor is trex.

I was wondering if Walls were built in between the pillars and well insulated. Nice windows but not really huge. Would this cut down on some of the heat on the porch or just make it worse? I know it would make the inside of the house a little darker on that side. We would be ok with that as it is really too bright as it is now.

I am not trying to make this an added room to the house. I am just trying to make it cooler. There is no way to plant anything in front. We are too close to the road.

I already talked to the building inspector, he is a friend of ours, and he said we do not even need a permit to do this as it is already on a foundation with roof. Unless we want to add some more electrical outlets. That would require an electrical permit.

Thanking you in advance for thoughts on this.

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