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Themador Wall Combo vs Viking Steam Convection Oven

13 years ago

Hi folks

We have just started a renovation on our Greek Revival Farmhouse. We are in the appliance selection phase. Boy, have I been in the dark ages! Amazing appliances abound, which is fun, but also confusing. I am driving my husband nuts with all the stuff I am throwing at him.

So I am hoping you folks can help. I have a chance to get a discontinued Thermador micro/convection/warming drawer in Black for 1499 from our local appliance store. Full warranty, NIB. I can pair it with a GE profile induction cooktop and French door fridge (stainless). I'd be pretty happy with this set up. However, because "everyone" wants stainless, will we be making mistake buying the black wall unit? The cooktops are all black anyway, and much of the stainless has alot of black throughout them as well. So we were thinking it might be esthetically ok to mix the two. There is an outside chance that we would sell our house in 5years, a good chance we will sell in 10-12. So we'll be here a while and the black unit looks sharp to me, plus I cannot justify spending 4500 for the exact same unit in stainless.

I have another option. I have found a Viking Steam Convection Oven locally for 1750, brand new. I could pair this with a warming drawer and cooktop, but would probably still need another oven, which might put me over budget.

So option three is to do the Viking Steam oven with a GE profile induction range. The downside to the range is that I would end up looking at a wall while cooking, which is not my preference. I am also seriously interested in the steam convection ovens and can't seem to move away from that.

I am confused and need to make a decision. I could use some clarity, knowledge and experience. Could anyone help me sort this out? My brain hurts. :)

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