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Shower door handle issue

15 years ago

I think I kind of messed up on choosing my glass shower door for my shower-over-tub. There was no question in my mind from the beginning that I wanted one - I had one before, and I'm not crazy about the feeling of a shower curtain liner clinging to me while I'm in the shower. I also didn't like the idea of the bottom of the shower curtain being in contact with the cat litter box, which will be right under the wall-mount sink next to the tub. So I had reasons for choosing this glass door.

BUT - I have this odd little wall that goes around the corner of the tub where the shower door is installed. (It's the result of having to bump out the wall behind the sink & toilet for the plumbing.) I didn't take this into account when I ordered the door, and now the long towel bar-style handle bumps into the tile if you try to open the door all the way. You can get the idea from this picture:


One problem is that the door doesn't open quite all the way - it's short about 2-3" - though it certainly opens enough that I can get in and out. (Good thing I lost a lot of weight over this past year!) The other problem is potential damage to the handle or the tile - especially since it's bumping into somewhat fragile travertine mosaic tile...

My contractor said I should get some sort of "bumper" on the handle or on the corner tile. Does anyone know what he's talking about, or can make alternate suggestions?

Also, how hard would it be to have the handle changed to one of those short vertical handles? This would involved drilling another hole in the glass for the new handle, and filling up the hole for the old handle... Is this a bad thing to consider?

I'm beating myself up over having gotten this wrong (and I'm wishing I had just gotten a shower curtain, at least temporarily). I might feel better if there are ways to fix this...

Thanks in advance for all help and advice!

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