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Would you return this Miele Optima

12 years ago

I just bought a Miele Optima to replace our trouble-prone Fisher&Paykel DD603 washer. I decided on the Optima based on 1) Turbo wash which supposedly improves cleaning time 35%, available only on Optima and LaPerla, 2) Sensor Dry, only on Optima and LaPerla, 3) no need for more than 6 wash programs or drying plus automatic door, making the LaPerla unnecessary.

They delivered and installed the unit today. I went to use it after the installer left, and, no Turbo wash option. After some investigation, turns out I received the previous model 2470 instead of the latest 2472. No Turbo wash, no Sensor Dry, no split cutlery rack or double waterproof system.

I had posted earlier that the drying ability of the Mieles was a concern for me, so I'd assume that the Sensor Dry function would only help. I know that the Drying Plus on the LaPerla would help as well, but I thought that might not be needed. I especially liked the notion of the Turbo wash, as our family is accustomed to frequent washings, not keeping as many dishes around as our double drawers allowed one drawer to be washing at all times. My thought was we'd now have to run a single washer just as frequently to avoid running out of dishes; hence the Turbo wash. It's availability on the Optima was the main reason I didn't consider the Diamante.

So, now the question is - should I insist that the store swap out the new model for the one I have? I'm mostly miffed, because I spent hours doing the research and thinking. Now I'm stuck with something I know I didn't really want. The store owner is a friend of mine, and he has said that he'd do whatever it takes to make sure I'm satisfied. I kind of feel badly about leaving him stuck with taking this one back - I think he'd have to sell it as a demo, not a new unit. However, the whole thing is really getting under my skin. I thought that a nice compromise might be for me to upgrade to a LaPerla, possibly easing the blow on him.

In the end, I realize that it probably won't make a big difference if I keep this one. However, that being the case, I almost feel that I wasted a few hundred bucks, as I could have just gotten a Diamante.

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