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I Just Had My Vinyl Windows Painted

17 years ago

They look beautiful.

Quick background - Seven years ago, we had our cheap aluminum single pain windows replaced with white vinyl windows. Have to admit at the time I wasn't "into" remodeling the way I am now and just went with the salesman's recommendation, although we do love the windows. Since we added on to our house now, we went with the same windows. I notice one day that they looked like they were discoloring, but I thought it was my imagination since they weren't supposed to do that. I guess it happens every once in awhile although our 7 years old windows look fine.

So I am thinking all the windows have to be ripped out and what a mess it would be... Well, they have a process now that coats the windows with some sort of epoxy-like paint. It doesn't fade and doesn't get chalky like the vinyl can - almond and brown are really bad for this.

I was very skeptical, but figured I have nothing to lose. They agreed to do the old windows too just to make sure they all looked the same. They turned out great and I couldn't be more pleased.

They apparently have a ton of colors and I am sure it's not cheap, but for those of you who have asked in the past about painting vinyl windows, it is available and probably cheaper than replacing them.

If anyone is interested, I can forward the information on to you.

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