Will hex tile look weird in a 1940's house bathroom?

7 years ago

The only house we could afford to buy in the expensive SF Bay Area was a 1940's tiny ranch with no character. (And I'm thrilled just to be able to have ANY house here, so we're trying to make it cute by rehabbing.) I have always loved 1" hex tile- especially in white with a flower pattern in black, grey or blue. So when we started planning the bathroom remodel, I naturally thought we would do hex tile flowered floors. But now that we are closer to the final decision, I wonder if it will look like it belongs in a victorian house and look out of place in the one small bathroom in our 1940-built house. My husband doesn't care- he says if I like it, then that's what we should do. But as with all of my design dilemmas, I am seeking the advice of my gardenweb experts! What do you think folks? (The shower walls will be 3x6 white glossy subway tile- that is certain.) I've debated penny tile floors as well but still can't get the hex out of my heart! :)

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