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Building home - no more access :(

9 years ago

Hi all, I've gotten such a good info from this website, especially as we go through the process of building a new home. I have a question I'd like to throw out - would love to hear your experiences or opinions. We are building a home and still making selections. We visit the house often as I'm sure everyone has done, whether there is new stuff happening or not. The outside is completely done and drywall is up. The house is locked up and there is a lockbox on the inside garage door - and this is my question: were you provided the code so you could continue to visit, or no? We've been told we are not allowed to have the code, so now we can't visit unless we leave work early or make an appt. It seems odd to us and I have friends that built and had a key, so I don't know what the norm is. Thanks for the feedback!

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