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Several questions concerning layout

9 years ago

We're haggling over a couple issues, and I'd appreciate thoughts on them:

1. Can a Craftsman Bungalow have plantation shutters as window treatments, or do those things not "match"?

2. In the bedroom we're deciding between 1) having two windows flanking the bed /nightstands in front of them. OR 2) having a long, narrow window above the bed. These won't be the ONLY windows in the room: We'll also have a window seat /reading nook that'll include two large windows, letting in lots of light . . . but I have to have some windows on the bed's headboard wall because it's the front of the house! If we go with the two windows flanking the bed, what if we one day want to downsize to a queen-sized bed (which I would prefer)? The windows'll be "in the wrong place" then. But if we go with the long, narrow window above the bed, won't it give an odd look to the front of the house? I'm thinking that perhaps the answer is tall plantings underneath the long, narrow windows.

One thing my husband wants is a drive-through garage. By that, I mean he wants roll-up doors and a drive way on each side of the garage so that we never have to back out of the garage. We have 40+ acres, so space isn't an issue. It sounds like a pretty good idea to me, but I'd like to hear feedback from anyone who has experience with this concept.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you have on these topics.

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