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Kitchenaid 36 or GE profile 36 induction cooktop?

14 years ago


I am a first-time poster here on GW and have been so impressed with the great, unbiased information. It has been an enormous help but I am still stumped on which induction cooktop and wall oven combination to go for. We are doing a full "down-to-the-studs-remove-a-fireplace-wall-add-lots-of-windows" kitchen reno with all new appliances. I have narrowed my choices down to the 36" KA induction and the 36" GE Profile (or Monogram induction- I would like a frameless design).

Each choice has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the GE is that I can put a wall oven under it which would have a better "look" in my space. The disadvantage is I have to order from an appliance dealer in another city an 1-1/2 hour ferry ride away that would cost $150 return to visit, so I would have to buy it sight unseen. I can buy the KA from 3 dealers in town but I would have to have the wall oven under the counter beside the cooktop, which squishes the counter to only 3" away from the trim of an outside door (maybe this is not a problem?)

I have seen a lot of comments about the GE Profile but only one about KA. I would like to know about reliability of the KA vs the GE induction cooktops and wall ovens. I cannot find any really good comparisons. Consumer Reports recommends GE Profile but JD Powers shows much better satisfaction with KA that GE.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have to make this decision quick.


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