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Remote blower on vent hood - much quieter?

14 years ago

Our architect has emailed to suggest that I reconsider the vent hood that I had been planning on installing at the new lake house that we are building. The vent hood will be used over a 48 inch DCS dual fuel range (6 burners and grill). To make a long story short, we got an extremely good deal several months ago on a brand new GE Monogram 48 inch 'professional' vent hood (Model # ZV881WSS - this is not a current model but a link is provided to specs below), so I went ahead and purchased it. Our architect now suggests that we would be happier with a vent hood that has a remote blower rather than the in-line blower that this model has, because it will be much quieter. Is he right? Is there an appreciable difference in the sound level?

I've read up on this forum and knowing what I know now, I'd never have purchsed the vent hood I did -- I'd have gone with one of the other highly recommended manufacturers (Prestige, Independent or Modern Aire) and gotten a 54 inch wide hood. Who knows, however...maybe one of these makes the vent hoods for Monogram....Anyway, my question is, am I going to be so unhappy long term that I need to bite the bullet and sell the Monogram vent fan on Ebay, and get a larger one with a remote blower? Cost overruns are the name of the game in terms of the house we're building, but I don't want to be penny wise and pound foolish....

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to quick specs on ZV881WSS

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