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Need help deciding between free-standing and deck-mounted bathtub

9 years ago

After weeks of revising the layout for my master bathroom remodel, I am finalizing the structural plans. My initial plan was driven by functionality; this layout is more of a compromise between design and functionality

The tub is in the line of sight on entering the bathroom and I need to decide what type of tub I want there.

I have selected two candidate tubs - one is a Wetstyle free-standing (66" x 34") and the other is a BainUltra drop-in, deck-mounted tub (72" long).

I'm wondering which one will be a better fit for the space.

The f/s tub is contemporary and zen-looking. If I go with deck-mounted, I will need to select a tile for the apron.

If I go with free-standing, I'm concerned that there won't be much space around the tub to clean behind and around it. If I go with deck-mounted, I'm concerned that the deck will need to be very narrow to allow for door entry into the shower.

What is the width needed for shower door entry? I'm not sure what the finished dimensions will be of the shower space because they will be adding waterproofing and tiles. At most, it will be 66" x 48".

The f/s tub is a composite material, which feels nicer to me than the acrylic drop-in tub. (I'm accustomed to a cast-iron tub). Deck-mounted will be easier for me on entry and exit. The drop-in tub offers more features (air bubbles), but not sure that I need anything more than a soaking tub.

(I'm in warm climate, so no problem with plumbing on exterior walls.)

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