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HELP! Need suggestions on exterior paint colors please.

14 years ago

Oh my this has been much harder than I thought. Our house is a country house half shade and half full sun. The front porch is wrap around and will have posts. What we think we want is a light creamy beige with a cream trim. I'm really undecided about the doors. Darker for some pop or lighter and bring in the pop in the window trim?

There's a time share building near me that I absolutly love. It's a rich deep cream/light beige with paler trim and green shutters. That's the look we have wanted but we're open to other ideas, too.

Can someone help me understand what light trim vs dark trim would do? I played with colors on SW sight and we didn't care for dark trim but I have a photo of an old house that's creamy with black trim and it's amazing so it could be that we're open to anything, including a sage green.

Can someone give me ideas for color combinations to try? I've tried SW ramie and it was UGLY - looked like mud, I tried nacre with it which was too light. I mixed them and it was very nice but probably still too light. I tried a golden/beige which was too yellow. I tried a green that looked light smushed peas. I looked at BM Shaker beige on line and it looks like it might be a nice color. What should I try with it?

Any ideas are welcome. THANKS!


Front/bedrooms (as you can see it needs some color!)


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