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Marble Basketweave floor tile - honed vs polished?

9 years ago

I've been thinking that these Carerra Basketweave tiles would look great in my small bathroom floor. I'm still debating if I want to go with the black dots, green dots, or gray dots.

Question 1: honed vs polished?
I was thinking polished because I think it would be easer to seal and keep clean. The lady at the tile store said polished would be really slippery. Please give any feedback on choice regarding looks, upkeep and durability.

Question 2: Any recommended vendors? The local tile store said the lowest price they would get would be $25 a sq ft + shipping and she recommended I order online. I'm not near a big city so the tile stores don't have much inventory. It seems like the online prices are 10-15. I'm not terribly concerned about price because I'll only need about 25 sq ft.
Anyone have any vendors who they recommend? How is this one?

Thanks for your feedback.

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