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Does a master closet need a door?

15 years ago

We are mulling over options on what kind of door to put on our master closet. In our old walk in closet, we actually had taken the door off because it was always in the way. Before that, in our old house, that walk in closet door was never closed,, though it wasn't really in the way.

Do we even need a door? We thought maybe we could frame out a door opening, but not actually put a door on, so that someday we could add one or for resale, someone else could. We plan on doing nice Cali Closet systems and there is a nice window in there and everything... do I have to close it off?

If you are wondering, we are doing a pocket door on the toilet area, and need that wall for that. The other wall, that makes an L next to the TV/Storage is because we need a spot for light switches and themostat for floor.

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