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will insulating the roof keep intense sun heat out?

14 years ago

We have a summer lake cottage in Vermont that gets extremely hot on summer afternoons (direct, intense west exposure). On extreme days we have to use A/C or else it's so unbearably hot we can't stay here. Will insulating the roof help keep the solar heat out, and the A/C in? The walls are insulated, but the floor and roof are not. It is a ranch-style building with a low pitch (4-12) roof; and has 'cathedral' ceilings inside that are T&G - which are also the underside of the roof (the exterior roof sheating sits directly on the T&G, with asphalt shingles on the sheathing). We have to replace the roof anyway, because we've had problems with the ceiling starting to develop mold, and it also appears that the roof is buckling (we suspect that cheap plywood sheating was used under the shingles + cheap shingles allowed rain & moisture to get underneath the shingles and through the sheathing). Since we have to replace the roof, we wonder if we should go the extra mile and build up a false roof in order to install rigid foam insulationbetw the surfaces. But we got the estimate today -- expensive!! If we pay to do the fals roof and insulation... will we see much of a difference in keeping the interior of the cottage cool? Desperately need advice from any of you experts out there. Thanks!!

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