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White console vanity w/Calcutta Gold marble...what floors???

15 years ago

My master bath is 7 x 8" with the tub/shower along the side wall. IÂm going to be putting in a custom 52" white console vanity on the left wall with Calcutta Gold marble countertop. There will be high gloss white Adex subway tile on the shower/tub, white shower curtain, white beadboard. My problem is I donÂt know what to put on the floor. I want a light color, cream or white. I found a Calcutta Gold marble 2" x 2" to match the countertops. It would be my first choice but it is shiny and IÂm very concerned about slippage - (floor gets wet frequently and the floor mat is not always used). A hex doesnÂt work because the rooms adjacent to the hall bath have check pattern rugs. I think I need a square tile and would like it to coordinate with the countertop. So, what do you think? Should I throw caution to the wind and go a marble mosaic? Any advice or photos would be much appreciated. Thanks, Joanna

This is my custom vanity, except the bottom shelf will be higher. {{gwi:1482506}}

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