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Would love opinions/suggestions on our floor plan!

11 years ago

We will be building Garrell Associates' Rosemoore Cottage and have made a few changes to the layout to reflect our lifestyle but I am no designer! If anyone can take a look to see if we can achieve these changes another way or have any suggestions on how to tweak the floor plan, I'm all ears!

My husband works from home about 50% of the time and needs his home office (the study) to be more secluded. We eliminated the doors from the study to the foyer and added a hallway. The master bath was also rearranged just a bit to accomodate this change and allowed us to add a knee space for a make-up area between the sinks. The hallway looks awkward and I dislike how the master bathroom is now just 'floating' there off to the side but I don't know how else to make the private study thing work.

I also combined the mudroom and laundry to make 1 large area but am totally clueless as to how to arrange everything. In addition to the washer/dryer, I will also have a full-sized refrigerator and a mop sink. The laundry chute empties at the upper left corner so I can't put the fridge there even though I'd prefer it. :)

I have a home-based decorated cookie business so the 3rd garage bay will be plumbed as a commercial kitchen and we're replacing the garage door with a set of windows.

First Floor

My daughter wants a 'really big bedroom' so we're expanding her room over the foyer area and turning a storage area into her closet. The unfinished storage area past my son's closet will actually be finished and used as his 'hidey hole' as he puts it where 'no girls are allowed' - he's 9 so I imagine he's going to change his mind about that eventually although we still won't allow girls there. Heh.

Second Floor

Attached is a link to the original floor plan.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rosemoore Cottage

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