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granite counter top not sealing and prob. with polishing

11 years ago

I also am having a problem with my bathroom granite counter.

There was a slight scratch when it was being installed. The tech which is also the owner of this particular granite shop polished it out but then it left a cloudy haze. He came back again and it still wasn't right. He just came back 2 weeks ago and polished the area again. It still isn't right and doesn't look like the factory shine it came with. It has swirl marks and doesn't have a consistant shine at all. The tech/owner only polished the area that was scratched and you can see the difference between the original factory shine and his shine. His shine looks dull in spots.

Another problem: The granite is not sealing. It has been done more than 4 times within this past year.

We talked to him and he said he would come back out again to polish and seal it.

I feel that he is not going to get the factory look/shine that it came with. My kitchen granite is beautiful and has that factory shine.

What is your opinion?

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