Does your master bath door swing in or out?

11 years ago

I originally requested that builder put a pocket door into my master bath - but, oops they forgot. I wanted a pocket door because I rarely if ever close my bathroom door.

And I wanted to save space.

Builder now has door swinging into the bath. I don't think I like that since my shower would be partially behind the door, so I would have to close the door, to get into my shower. The shower door is all glass frameless and is probably 5 or so feet long. Then when I get out of the shower I would want to open it so it's not stuffy in the bathroom. Also, because it takes destroys the view of the shower if you have the door open.

Anyone else have their door open into the bedroom? Do you like it that way? Does it detract from your bedroom look?

For my walk in closet he has that opening into the bedrooom, yet that door will probably be closed a lot anyway.


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