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Cleaning a Bluestar oven

16 years ago

I've stepped up to the edge, about to order a Bluestar 48" range in a gorgeous, rich, blue. I need help taking the final plunge because I absolutely hate cleaning ovens. The fumes, gunky foam, wads of paper towels, gallons of rinse water, ok, I'll concede it's possible that I'm overreacting but I really do hate the job.

I frequently roast a chicken at high temp or start off beef at 450 to sear, both of which produce a lot of grease splatter on the walls of my current (self-cleaning)oven. I don't bake much because I'm never sure what the temp is going to be, not to mention the misshapen, un-level racks. I'm hoping the Bluestar will inspire me to at least throw in a batch of cookies from time to time.

So how often do you have to clean your Bluestars and how difficult is it?

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