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Dog Wash...what basin/tub/pan to use?

9 years ago

We are doing a dog wash station in our garage and use it for washing off muddy shoes, cleaning garden tools, etc along with washing our furry friends. I am looking at options for the basin and surround.

-Regular shower pans would be cost effective but I worry about the durability of being in the garage, doggie nails, etc.

-The picture I posted is actually using a commercial mop sink. I really like that it is elevated off the floor. I am tall so it would be nice to not bend over to bathe them. But, that sink is heavy at 350 lbs and expensive at $750. It looks to have some texture on it so the dogs could grip while being bathed. A bath mat could probably help with that too.

I have a set of doggie stairs for them to use to get up in an elevated tub as well.

-I have seen other stations where they used tile. Didn't know where that would price. I seen sinks made from fiberglass, ceramic, etc. Are there strengths and weaknesses to any of these materials?


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