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Tub choices - advice please

13 years ago

We're just about to start the demo of our guest bathroom. I'd rather have all the replacement items ordered or at least picked out and the tub is the big item in the room. It's a guest bath and although I thought I always wanted a jet tub, after talking with people, I've decided I'll be happy with a deep soaking tub as this is what we have now

We don't use this bathroom often, but it's the only tub in the house, so I'd like to have a nice (quality and affordable) one in there.

I had it narrowed down to ASB Firenze or Eleganza but found out they're not very good quality and have many negative reviews, most including cracking issues. I'm now looking at Kohler and have decided we'll probably have to order the tub to get decent quality. I'm mainly interested in the Kohler Archer K-1123-LA without jets (standard 5 ft). I like the clean lines, deep tub and the different overflow drain (I know, I'll have to buy it separate for about $75). I read some reviews on this site about the small standing space for this tub, so am also looking at the Bancroft K-1150-LA. Same deep tub, but doesn't have the neat drain.

Has anyone had any experience with these models? Or have any suggestions similar in price ($350-500 range). Thanks in advance.

Here's the Archer and to the right is the Bancroft

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