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matching fixtures in the bathroom?? please help!!

12 years ago

OK...we have 2 bathrooms in our house that I am confused about:

1 bathroom is a guest bath. Because my mother visits us often, it has a pre-fab handicapped shower with chrome fixtures (chrome shower faucet/drain and grab rails). It will have a shower curtain. I already ordered an ORB bronze vanity light fixture - I forgot about the chrome in the shower.

The master bath has a pre-fab steam shower with clear doors and chrome fixtures inside the shower. There are can lights at the vanities. There will be 1 chandelier that I haven't picked out yet.

Here's my dilemma. Throughout the house I have ORB lighting and plumbing fixtures. I already picked out ORB sink fixtures and master tub fixtures for the above bath rooms...I forgot about the chrome in the showers. Do you think I should have chrome fixtures instead?? Should it all match?? Will the ORB vanity light in the guest bath still be ok?? HELP PLEASE! TIA!!

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