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Large gap between tub surround and tub - Caulk? tape? help??

15 years ago

We updated our bathroom (DIY) from a 1950's pink/black/grey orignal tiles to a new white tub surround, new sheetrock, paint and beadboard. It looks great, except that the tub is not level and there is a 1/2 gap between tub and surround at the front corners of the tub. We leveled the surround that came in 3 pieces (2 sides and a back piece) and now we have the gap at the corner of the tub. Any suggestions on how to camoflauge this? It would be a huge amount of caulk there and look pretty silly. We did try using the "L" shaped caulk/tape but it really doesn't bend around corners as it claims it does (especially when there is an issue with level). I am at a loss as to how to rectify this situation without it looking horrible. I realize it won't be perfect but other than caulk or caulk tape is there anything I can use?

Suggestions welcome

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