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Cast Iron Tub, on 2nd Floor...weight Question

16 years ago

Does anyone know what the minimum joists sizes and space between them should be to have either a Kohler Mendota or Toto 1525? I have 2"x10" joists..and I think (pretty sure) that the spacing 16".

If I do my math, 1 Gal of water = 8lbs. So, the tub is about 350lbs, holds 45-50 gals. So, 350+400 = 750lbs (tub+ water), then add 1 person (lets say 250lbs)...for a grand total of 1000lbs

The tub area is 5'x3' 1000lbs over 15sq ft.

Which is about 67lbs/sq ft of load.

Thoughts? Would that be ok?


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