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Help me pick out my kitchen appliances!

12 years ago

Hi all,

Okay, here is what I'm down to... can all you experts help me on some of these open decisions and/or give me your thoughts on what I'm leaning towards?

1. DW - Kitchenaid, middle of the line. Don't want to spend too much here, so am comfortable with this selection.

2. Fridge - Was looking at a 31" wide, counter depth Fisher & Paykill, bottom freezer. The price looks good (about $1600). Thoughts?

3. Stove - Here's where I"m stuck. I"m doing a gas, 30" for sure. I'm really wanting the Wolf - I like the look, I feel like I "deserve" the splurge, but $4700.... phew, that's allot of money. The salesperson showed me the Capital range for $3K which I REALLY liked, but I don't know anything about this brand except that I was chatting with a neighbor this weekend who said she has one (it was the first time I heard of it, so I was surprised to see it today in the showroom!). Thoughts??

4. Hood - Here, I'm completely befuddled. I need to do an under the cabinet and it will be an external wall vent. The showroom showed me a Faber - don't know anything about it?? They said less expensive would be Braun (sp?) or more expensive would be Vent A Hood. She's recommending 600 cfm (? is that the right abbreviation?).... thoughts??

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