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FINALLY--a rave for an online supplier (lighting)!!

16 years ago

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted but I'm still lingering. We're about a month (or two) from move-in and started in January 06. Our situation was a bit out of the ordinary because our builder is a first timer as far as building on the client's funds. He has had no operating capital and we've been floating the money prior to each phase being completed which has been giving our bank an ulcer. Anyway, I've had my share of HORRIBLE experiences with vendors, particularly online, because we're responsible for buying everything ourselves, and I just had easily the best online experience ever with the site where we purchased our splurge foyer chandelier and just thought I'd share.

We found a chandelier at a local store selling for $3600 which is almost all of our lighting budget unfortunately. However, I found it online at J&S Lighting for about $1300 less. I inquired as to how long it would take to arrive because I'd placed SO many orders that ended up on backorder weeks later and I had to cancel and start over again. They checked availability and there won't be any until mid-August for any suppliers. I was hesitant because the electrician will hopefully be long gone by then and I didn't want to get stuck having to install it ourselves in our 2 story foyer! :) I shared that concern, so they knocked another $75 off the price so I could hire an electrician after the fact if need be.

Just phenomenal customer service and the best prices I've found and I'm a bargain hunter. After all my frustrations I just wanted to share how wonderful my experience has been here and encourage you to check them out.

Their site is not great to navigate--there's no search functionality, but if they have what you want, you're in luck. Since I was so happy with them, they gave me a referral link good for an extra 5% off if anyone's at the lighting shopping phase.

Here's the chandelier I got for $2225 (retail $3600). The picture doesn't do it justice--it looks like a rainshower standing still. :) I'm just smitten with it!


Here's the referral link to save 5% at J&S Lighting:

Here's a link to outdated pics of our house progress. The painter is painting this week, so clearly the pics are not updated. Sorry--I'll work on that!

For what it's worth the bad experiences were Lighting Direct (one example of backorder problems and poor communication). HomeAnnex/FaucetTrader is by far the worst mistake I've made thus far--a month later and still waiting for my refund on the order I canceled.

CSN Lighting was another good customer service experience, except EVERY fixture they sent me had broken glass. They replaced them all, but it was annoying to tack on a week to each shipment they sent.

Thanks for letting me rave and rant!


Here is a link that might be useful: Save 5% Referral Link at J&S

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