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Fiberglass or tile tub surround DIY??

10 years ago

DH and I had been planning a gut remodel of our primary bath, but circumstances changed and we will instead be putting our house on the market next year.

We are both skilled DIYers including basic plumbing and construction. We will be tearing out the existing tile on sheetrock shower surround down to the studs, but will not be moving any plumbing and we will be keeping the existing cast iron tub. The house is an 1880s cape so there is a very good chance the wall studs are not evenly spaced or square.

Given this information, I am wondering what would be easiest for us to DIY, a new fiberglass surround or a tile surround on cement backer board treated with RedGuard or Hydroban.

If fiberglass, please suggest brands you are happy with -- keeping in mind this is a budget job as a re-do will gain us no value for resale.

If tile, what would be be easier to work with, large square or rectangular tiles, subways or 4" square.

Thanks so much for your help!

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