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Hairline cracks in tile shower floor...

13 years ago

I have a walk in tile shower. The walls have the big tiles and the floor has the small tiles. The floor is grouted with sanded grout and the walls have unsanded grout. We bought the house 1 year ago and it was built 10 years ago.

When we bought the house I noticed in a few places on the floor it looked like they repaired some crack. I am not sure what they used, but it isn't grout. Not sure if it is some type of caulk or not.

But now I got down on my hands and knees and started looking closer. It looks like I can see some more hairline cracks in the sanded grout. They are so small that you would not be able to get any grout in the crack.

Would you guys suggest hiring someone to chisel out the grout and redo it? Or is there some sort of caulk/sealant you would recommend?

First let me give you some history on this shower.

1. When we bought it some of the wall grout was cracking. So I hired a guy to come and redo it. He did an awesome job. He also caulked where the tile walls meet the tile floor. But he didn't use silicone, he used whatever came with the grout.

2. After I had this done the walls on both sides of the shower looked like they were getting wet. So I cut out the drywall and stuck toilet paper in there. Sure enough water was getting out of the shower.

So to make sure it wasn't the pan that was leaking I blew up a balloon in the drain. Filled the shower up to the door threshold, measured the water level, and watched it for ~9hours. The water level never moved. So I assume the pan is working?????

Well it turned out to be the shower door. So I took it off and used a shower curtain. Leak is now gone.

So the big questions is since I think I tested the shower pan, should I be all set if some water does get through these hairline cracks in the floor grout???? I have no idea what type of pan they used though.

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