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Trying to avoid mastic mistakes

15 years ago

Kitchen backsplash went up Tuesday so it's too late if mastic was a mistake there. My tile is travertine in a mixture of very small sizes and shapes...1X1, 2x2, and 2x4 that came on a mesh backing. Tile was put straght on painted sheet rock. I bought Tile Guard brand enhancer and sealer at Lowe's. Is this a good choice? How do I tell if it's water based or that other kind?

Anyway, now to my main question. My tile guy brought in kerdi membrane stuff and we will start on shower stall and bath floor soon. I see a big tub of mastic with the kerdi. What would he be using that for? I know when he was doing the kitchen he said, "no, you wouldn't use mastic in a shower." Is there any where in the bath that you would use mastic? We will be tiling the wall behind the vanity and toilet. Maybe that's it?

Thanks for any help. I've had enough mistakes already...trying to avoid a mastic one.


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