Buying land where there's arsenic in ground water

robo (z6a)
7 years ago

Hi there! We're STILL looking for a cottage with my parents in law. Yes this process has been drawn out.

There's a lake lot I think they would really like, and they have recently expressed interest in building. This lot would be near one of their pals.

BUT, we went to see another cottage on this lake that has arsenic in the drilled well. Which means there's a high probability if we drilled a well on this lot there would be arsenic.

Arsenic is fairly common around lakes in my province. But we are all city folk and unused to dealing with well issues. I think my inlaws have a lot of fear about arsenic.

I would like to have some options to present to my inlaws about the whole arsenic thing BEFORE we go see this land.

I understand we could install a whole home water treatment system. Are you familiar with that and have you done it?

Any thoughts about buying a lot in a place that potentially has arsenic?

Sorry if these questions are kind of broad. My inlaws should be working with a realtor but they're still in indecisive mode so not sure what they want to do.

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