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Blue Star Range or change to range top ----help, please

13 years ago

My DH is building the cabs. The internal structures are done (in the garage) and there is space for a 30 inch range and for a 24 inch Miele Speed Oven on the other leg of the L. The exterior rails, stiles and door/drawers remain to be done.

Have not yet ordered appliances. It seems that many of the problems with Blue Star have been oven-related on the range. There have been several fixes in V-1 to improve the fit and finish of the top and some for the oven as well but not the hinges.

My husband would rant and rave but we *could* still change to a rangetop and use the speedoven space for a regular oven. We even have some extra space to go 27 instead of 24. The oven for me is really not important -- I rarely use it. I use a countertop oven instead plus a Green Egg.

Should I be scared enough of the range oven (or more precisely, the failure of Blue Star customer service to take care of me if there were to be any problems) to make this change -- even though I would rarely use the oven in any case????? I really only went to the range thinking every house must have a bathtub and an oven for resale whether they are used or not. (We have two showers and a bath tub.)

Also still considering the Culinarian (range) which I do understand is a "better" product. I get that. But I still just like the Blue Star.

Thank you for your patience with this long drawn out cooking appliances decision process!!!!

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