Would you install Electrolux wall warranty...?

9 years ago

Need forum members advice. I picked up a new Electrolux 30" double oven. I believe it's the one that is rated so well on AJ Madison. I have a friend who works for a competing company that bought it to basically see how it works compared to their product. They never actually plugged it up other than the displays. I got it for a good price but it has no warranty and our kitchen design will incorporate this oven. I've read on here that this if we have an issue with this oven and want to replace it changes will have to be made to cabinetry.

Would you risk it and put it in or sell it and get something with a warranty or simply go with a range instead of wall ovens? I've read so many horror stories about all the electronic issues with these ovens it makes me want to go with a basic gas oven.

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