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Microwave over range - new industry standard?

9 years ago

Any suggestions for an over the range microwave that actually is level with the bottom of a 39" line of cabinets where the cabinet over the microwave is 24"? It seems that industry standard height these days is 17 or 17 1/4 and NOT the 16" of years past. I don't have a choice, I need a 39" cabinet. I suspect that my cabinets will be 20" clearance between countertop and cabinet start and do NOT want 18" of clearance and no more between stovetop and microwave.

So... do I need to try to find a used microwave with better dimensions? I noticed that the microwave we are leaving behind (for color reasons) is 16" high and fit really well, level with the bottom of the cabinets or certainly not obtrusive. I just checked and the clearance between stovetop now is 20" which hasn't been a problem.

Or maybe I'll just forget about losing that 1 1/2 inches of stovetop clearance when all is said and done?

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