How would mix & match appliances look?

14 years ago

We are doing a fairly extensive remodel probably considered to be on the high-end but not necessarily top-of-the-line. I have been struggling with appliance choices--in particular the wall ovens (at least that's the current obsession!)

I need two ovens. I really want a Trivection® oven but the bottom oven in the DO, while a convection oven, does not have a temperature probe--something that I also "must have" (I use my current one quite a bit). OTOH, the single convection oven does have a temperature probe.

I've been toying with the idea of getting 2 single ovens. Now here's my dilemma:

* Only GE makes the Trivection® (Profile & Monogram) and I can't seem to find a similar oven anywhere else

* I made the mistake :-) of looking at Miele ovens and I really like the H4880BP...not only does it have a probe, but it also has a "Time Remaining Calculation"--so cool! [Plus, most on the forum who have a Miele seem to really like their oven(s).]

Question: What do you think of mixing a GE (probably Profile) with a Miele? Their windows are different. The Monogram is closer to the Miele in looks, but it's quite a bit more expensive and my DH is already balking at buying 2 single ovens for quite a bit more than a DO would have cost. The 2 ovens will probably be mounted together (one under the other) so I'm concerned it will look "odd". What do others think? Has anyone done this before--mixing appliances next to each other? Someone must have! TIA!!!

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