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60 inch air tubs

Davis Jones
8 years ago

I've always received very good help on these forums (during our kitchen remodel) and now getting ready to do 2 bathrooms. The start date MAY be pulling forward and now need to get off my rear to find a suitable aiir tub. Our master bathroom isn't tiny but space is at apremium due to layout, etc. remodel will be a full gut but I am planning to keep most of existing lyout intact. Thus the 60 inch tub ( width is not an issue).

I would like to stay around the $2000 mark for the tub. I can flex somewhat higher if need be and will include accessories on top of that. But I am not seeking a $3500 tub. I have seen several of the Aquatic series on line (problem is seeing anything in person is difficult). I want reliable and of course good functionality. I could care less about lights, etc but do want something besides a soaker. I also want a fairly deep tub ( fill depth befor eoverflow at least 17-18 inch range or more).

Any experiences recommendations etc will be greatly appreciated! John

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