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Please give feed back and opinion on these 3 plans..

12 years ago

After months of trying to find a almost perfect stock plan, I have found a couple. One I have cut and pasted room to get a better feel.. but I need opinions!

First, I should mention that these are stock plans, and not all room dimensions or garage size is what we will end up with, looking for the overall plan to at least start with .. and tweak from there.

We are going to be building on a 5 acre private, wooded lot. I'm 49 and my children are gone and gone, however, we are raising our 8 yr old grandson. We plan for this to be our last house, but you never know.. so with that in mind, we are building single story home with an upstairs bonus room. We are located in FL and 2 story homes are not that popular and are harder to sell.

I really want to have this home to have plenty of natural light, as the home we have now is dark to me and I love sunlight. My DH wants porches.. nice big front and back porches, which I'm afraid will darken the house.. but at the same time, I love porches too!

We aren't planning on doing high ceilings, and want 9' throughout. Do not want to use skylights either..

When I first started to search, I really desired to have a kitchen with a window, but they are hard to find in a single story home! (and most I didn't like).

So with that info, I have narrowed my search to 3 floor plans... please give me some feedback!

Plan #1.. I did some cutting and pasting, and not sure that it would actually work. On paper it looks like it would. Like that the MBRM has 2 closets and that there is a window in the kitchen... not sure how much light would come in from the back.
{{gwi:1476000}}From Drop Box

On plan #2, I'd want to play with a new kitchen layout, and I really need to figure out how to get 2 closets in the MBDR. I really like the breakfast room bumped out like that.. but the kitchen has no window, but maybe that really bright breakfast area makes up for it??

{{gwi:1476002}}From Drop Box

The 3rd one I like too, but don't care for the small closet in the MSBR... not sure how I could get another closet in there.. but it's the third plan I keep looking at!
{{gwi:1476004}}From Drop Box

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