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Please help with countertop selection

13 years ago

I'm driving myself crazy trying to find a countertop I like at a price that doesn't seem outrageous for such a small space. I splurged on the cabinets (espresso color), so can't afford to splurge on the countertop. We don't have standard sizes, so don't think we could buy online. We are doing a 58 inch top with one 17 inch sink and on the opposite wall a 42 inch top with one 17 inch sink. I originally wanted honed Caesarstone Desert Limestone but it cost $2400. I went searching at 6 places for granite remnants, but the only thing we saw that we both liked was a Botticino marble. But then I read online about the etching problem marble and limestone have, so thought I should look for granite. The marble is about $2000. I thought granite would be a lot cheaper than either the marble or Caesarstone, but it tends to be around $2,000 to $2,300, even the remnants. I guess the remnants aren't that much cheaper because you pay the same amount for labor whether it's a remnant or not. So should I go ahead and get the marble and live with the etching? A lot of people on the forum seem to be buying marble countertops. Will even leaving your toothbrush glass on the marble cause etching? Is there anything you can leave out on the marble countertop without it etching? Should I go ahead with the beautiful marble or keep looking for a granite that's not dark and not too busy (any granite suggestions appreciated)? Or just give in and pay the money for the Caesarstone, which although my husband thinks it's boring, he does like that it is easy to maintain. Thanks.

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