Bluestar Installation- OMGOSH!! - Will you share your photos?

12 years ago

So - My Bluestar 48" Range with 6 burners and a griddle was installed this morning. I was so excited to see it for the first time!! I could see the bottom half of it as I walked through the Butler's Pantry..... then I get in front of it in the kitchen and.... IT'S THE WRONG FREAKING RANGE!!!!! I'm so bummed. What they installed (after waiting for 2 months for the thing) is a 48" 4 burner with griddle. The appliance people tell me the description on the order was correct (which is what I checked), but the model number was for the 4 burner. Their fault, but doesn't make me feel tons better because now I have to wail for another. They haven't told me how long yet.

Anyway, sob, sob. But the question I have is - will you share your photos of your range (any size) installed? I don't love the gaps on the sides of mine. I'm wondering if there is a remedy. I'd like to see your installations!

Thanks in advance, and gosh - don't you feel sorry for me? How will I cook?

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