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Can I rip out shower tiles that are 9 months old?

13 years ago

Couldn't come up with a good subject line for my post, but here't the deal...hopefully in a nutshell. There are three half tiles framing my shower niche at the bottom that didn't line up as I would have liked. These tiles are installed over Kerdi. Could we (uh, I mean tile guy) chip them out and have a "do over" on them without compromising my shower? They have been up probably nine months or so...but, git this, there's yet to be a shower taken in there. Okay, call me slow. Anyway, matching the grout color will not be a problem as we (tile guy again) ended up having to use a grout stain all over the shower because I had a splotching problem with the Prism grout we used. So, for this grout, we (tile guy) would just paint the grout with the colorant I still have left over. It should match just fine. But, I obviously would rather live with a little cosmetic "boo boo" then risk ruining the water proofness (is that a word?) of my shower. Any thoughts Bill or Mongo or anyone?



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