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Miele Steam v Gaggenau Combi Steam/Bake

11 years ago

I've analyzed the oven options to death and now and paralyzed with over analysis.

I'd like a steam oven. The Miele was would like nice above the Master Chef Oven which I really like. However, I don't like how the fish comes out in the Miele steam oven - it looks poached. Also didn't like that I have to wipe down the unit after every use and use aluminum foil over a plate when I want to heat up food. The Gaggenau apparently steams and bakes so it would let the salmon get a glazed crunchy top afterwards. Also could be used as a second oven during Thanksgiving.

HOWEVER....I don't think the Gaggenau Steam Oven will look good about the Miele Master Chef Oven. Comments??

Or should I bag the steam oven and go from the Miele Speed Over and Miele Master Chef?

Welcome comments - esp from those who have steam ovens.

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