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Kohler Mariposa 6-foot tub: comfortable slanted side?

15 years ago

Hello. We are choosing fixtures for a bathroom remodel and have been trying to find a bathtub (preferably an inexpensive whirlpool) with one end slanted sufficiently so that an adult could sit and relax in a semi-reclined position with good lower and upper back support. I think that I have found such a tub described on the Web -- the Kohler Mariposa 6-foot whirlpool (K-1257). The tub's cross section depicted on the online technical diagram shows one side having a 135-degree angle with the tub floor, which is much more of a slant than most tubs have. The Mariposa 5.5-foot and 5-foot versions have more upright sides.

I have not been able to find this tub in a showroom in the Washington, DC area or find a Kohler salesperson familiar with this size of Mariposa. Does anyone have this tub or other model with a similar slant and good back support? Thank you very much for your input.

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