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Mudroom/powder room/pantry layout - advice needed

14 years ago

I have never been on this particular forum before, but it seems that most of the mudroom threads live here. I do not plan to ever build a house - all those decisions would do me in - but I hope some of your kind souls will give me some feedback on my plans.

I live in a 1931 house, a center-hall Colonial. We are doing some renovations, and the spaces are small. Our back door comes into a room which now has a toilet in an interior room, some closets along a wall, and a counter with sink (outside the toilet room). I am uploading some photos - please note that I did NOT choose the gold gingham wallpaper and shades - they were here when we moved in. You may also notice that the ceiling is falling down because of leaks from the bathroom above (also being renovated at the same time - I have a thread asking for advice on that on the Bathroom forum).

We want the space to have a powder room - toilet and small pedestal sink in a 30" x 4.5' space, a cleaning closet, a cupboard (pantry) for overflow food storage, and built-in cubbies/hooks/bench. There are now two windows on one wall that will stay, and a larger one on another wall that will be blocked off for the cleaning closet/pantry.

The entire space is 10'11" x 7'6".

Here are photos of the room in its current state, starting from the exterior door and going around to the left:

Exterior door; door to hallway on right, toilet room on left:

View into toilet room, showing one of the windows that will stay:

Toilet room and area to left, showing other window that will stay:

Current sink and counter; window on right of photo will stay, larger one on left will be blocked off:

Part of current wall of closets/cupboards:

Other end of wall of closets with door to hallway on left:

After considering many potential layouts, this is the one I came up with:

The exterior door is at the top of the drawing, and the door to the hallway on the left. These stay the same. The toilet room will be flipped to the other side, a sink will be added, and the existing door will be in the center of the longer wall (rather than at the end of the space). Next to it will be the cleaning closet and pantry. The mudroom cubbies will be next to the exterior door, with a bench under the window.

Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Also, if anyone has suggestions about where to get the cabinets for cleaning supplies and food storage, I'd...

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