Ackk! Help me hide the pink tile!

13 years ago

Please tell me if this is too crazy: I have a 1957 vintage bathroom with the original tile tub surround and "wainscoting" on all the walls. The tile is sickly pink with a brown border. I know I'll need to re-tile the tub surround, but I want to cover up the wall tile without ripping it out. It's just too expensive to do right now, yet I want to modernize the bath on a minimal budget. I found some self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles that look like natural stone, and they actually look really good just slapped over the pink tile, leaving the brown tile border visible. Is there any practical reason not to continue this treatment beyond my test spot? Will the adhesive stick on a vertical surface? What about using vinyl tiles for a countertop application? Too many moisture issues?

I'm hoping someone can stop laughing long enough to give me some input here :) Thanks in advance!

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